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At The Law Office of Kyle E. Koester, LLC, it is our mission to provide effective legal representation to people in our community and throughout the State of Georgia. Whether you’re facing Misdemeanor charges or Felony Charges, our Woodstock law firm is here to help. Backed by satisfied clients and successful cases, we are a trusted, respected lawyers in Cherokee County and the State of Georgia.
For years our Woodstock lawyers have aggressively advocated for our clients. We do this by telling your story. –The stories of a real person with a voice that might otherwise be lost in the legal system.
We know the struggles of the people we represent. We commit our every effort and resource to alleviate these struggles in any way possible. Building a trusting relationship with our clients is key to our success at trial. Our legal team is dedicated to helping you and your family successfully overcome your current legal battle.
We understand that the individuals we work with are going through some of the most difficult times in their lives. For this reason, we treat each client as if they’re a member of our own family. We devote a great deal of time and attention to each case we work. With The Law Offices of Kyle E. Koester, LLC on your side, you don’t have to worry through this trying time on your own. Our reputable team provides you with the supportive legal counsel you need and deserve. Call us today for a free consultation.


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Woodstock Criminal Defense Attorney

Woodstock Attorney, Kyle E. Koester is experienced as both a criminal defense and personal injury attorney and has helped many clients defend their rights. He offers each of his clients personalized legal advice that is tailored to their individual needs. He works closely with his clients to understand all the details of your case and provide a comprehensive assessment of your legal options. Whether you have been hurt in an accident or are facing criminal charges, Kyle Koester has the necessary knowledge and skill to achieve the best resolution possible in your case.

Criminal Defense Attorney Woodstock Ga

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  • When I found out that I could be facing a long jail sentence Kyle assured me that the prosecution didn't have enough evidence to convict. When we went to trial I was really nervous, but just as Kyle said the prosecution lacked the evidence and I received an acquittal! Thanks Kyle I owe you one!!

    Woodstock, GA
  • Kyle Koester has started on our case about 3 yrs ago & yes there were times of question where we didn't know what to do or even if there was anything we could do for us. Yet Kyle also had probably scratched his head on this case as well had never gave up on us or stopped believing in us. He was very upfront with us. He was honest as well. He listens & explains what is going on keeps you informed & updated on what's going on. He never left me in the dark about anything. He responded to us so it made us feel like it was very important to him. That's the kind of lawyers we need to represent the ones who care!! Thanks again for helping our family out you have been the best throughout it all!!! God bless you!!!

    Marietta, GA
  • I think that kyle koester is an awesome attorney, one of the best. He always kept me inform every step of the way. I would recommend him to anyone og my.friends, family or even a complete stranger just needing a good attorney. When i got in trouble i was so scared untill i met kyle and he assured me that everything would be okay , and i put my faith into him and im so glad i did. I was suppose to serve 140 days but thanks ti the help of mr kyle i got off very lucky doing only less than half the time and also thanks to kyle i get to keep my first offenders 🙂 He is such an amazing attorney and like i said i would recommend him to ANYONE! THANK U AGAIN KYLE KOESTER, YOUR THE BEST & thank u for all u´ve done for me!!!!

    Canton, GA
  • I was recently charged with a serious charge relating to Family Violence. This cause me a lot grief, thankfully my attorney Kyle Koester helped me through the whole ordeal and got my case dismissed. If you ever in need of an attorney some one that will be there for you and get the best results for you give Kyle a call.

    Acworth, GA

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